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Naturally Lewis

championing growth

At Naturally Lewis, we're championing the growth of a community where people want to live, work, build business, and play. We are a nonprofit organization rooted in rural; we are real community members making a real effort to grow our community into the one we all want to be a part of.


beauty & accessibility

"It is so cool to be involved in a locally minded community that is passionate about supporting our small businesses. I love my small community and the local area and the beauty that is all around. In an hour drive you can get to just about any type of scenery."

it's home base

“I traveled overseas doing engineering work and I always felt like this was home base for me. The people in Lewis County are focused on helping the people here and growing this community. Businesses are focused on providing quality products and services, providing jobs locally and contributing to local economic development.”


“Being a business owner here in Lewis County is one of the greatest opportunities that can be presented to a person and I firmly believe that. We came to Lewis County because there was a huge agriculture community that existed here already. There is a lot of dairy, wonderful farmland, and great opportunities to start a business, raise a family and really be in the heart of agriculture.”

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