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Trish Michael

Finance & Operations Manager

Trish was born and raised on the East Coast, getting her career start in financial services building a multi-million dollar trading product then designing and managing the build out of software to support it. Six years later, she took a hard left, moved to sunny Hawaii and started her own commercial, wedding and family photography business which she had for 15+ years.

During her 20 years in Hawaii, Trish also worked with many small to medium sized businesses as a consultant, building proprietary process management systems that allowed them to become more efficient, more profitable and scale with ease.

Trish moved with her family, back to the east coast, landing in Lowville, NY in January 2023. One of her first connections was becoming a member of the Naturally Lewis Network and Trish is excited to now be an official part of the team and to take her finance, operations and entrepreneurial background and apply it in a way that helps her community, and businesses within Lewis County, to thrive.

When she's not growing our community, Trish can be found rubbing her fingerprints off on her sidewalk doing chalk art, writing uplifting children's books that help kids heal from trauma and driving all over the North Country with her cowbell as the loudest and most embarassing sports mom.