Resource Based Industries

Lewis County’s abundance of land and natural resources give way to countless expansion opportunities for agriculture, forestry and forest products, mineral extraction and energy production activities.

Why choose Lewis County?  The answer is simple: 


Lewis County offers some of the best climates in the North East.  With the beautiful 4-seasons, Lewis County offers warm, sunny summers for agricultural growth, a beautifully colored Fall for harvesting, and Winters that offer plenty of snow to help replenish the water supply during the Spring sesason.  In Lewis County, you won't find hurricanes, tornados, wild fires, or serious flooding.  Our calm and seasonal climate allows for ample opportunity for wind, solar, hydropower, as well as opportunity timber and other agricultural resource growth.  


In Lewis County, 54.7% of the land is wild/forested land.  There are at least 30 businesses in the County that process raw wood into other products.  QubicaAMF is the leading producer of bowling pins in the world, and not to mention others producing fencing, canoes, baseball bats, siding, flooring, furnature and more.  With timber being one of our largest resources in Lewis County, there is an increased opportunity for small businesses and companies to expand.  Access to wind, water, and land offers an ideal spot for energy producing activities and endless opportunities for business growth.  


Two large rivers, multiple lakes, streams and creeks, as well as 445,024 acres of forested land occupies Lewis County. With many natural resources, Lewis County strives to utilize water and timber in the most advantageous way possible. The working lands of Lewis County have also shaped the region’s cultural identity and heritage, distinguishing it a unique location in New York State.

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