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About the Opportunity

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Art in the Park is an art walk! An art walk is an organized, often regularly occurring event, where outdoor venues across communities host artists and displays of their work. With this new initiative, we're hoping to highlight our local artists and further creativity in our communities! 

You might be wondering how this is related to Naturally Lewis' mission; that's easy! Local creative Amanda Drake, owner of Rags and Rivers, brought the idea of an Art Walk forward to Naturally Lewis as an opportunity to partner with local artists to showcase their work with the community and visitors while also adding color and local flair to our parks. Art in the Park fits perfectly with our mission to support local businesses, encourage local placemaking initiatives, and bolster tourism in Lewis County.

Naturally Lewis looks forward to building and facilitating new connections with creatives in our community to encourage future community arts projects and programs!

Why Does This Matter?

Art brings our communities to life! We're championing the growth of a community where we all want to be - beautiful, vibrant communities are a piece of that puzzle. Additionally, art brings people to a common place, enhancing the sense of community in their neighborhood.

The Exhibit

The grand opening of the art walk will be on Friday, September 8, 2023! Held in conjunction with Food Truck Fridays, this grand opening is sure to be packed! Following the Grand Opening, Art in the Park will be displayed until October 10th, 2023! Be sure to check out Art in the Park as a stop on the 51st Annual Rocky Fawcett Fall Foliage Tour on October 7th, 2023!

What to Expect

  • Walk-it-yourself tour of 22 talented artists from around the region!
  • Scan the QR code to discover more about the artwork and the artist!
  • Take a photo and tag @naturallylewis on social media with your post!

At the Exhibit

The Grand Opening

Amanda Drake

Danita Ann

Way Art There

Heather Collins

Photo Submission

Rachel Grunert

Vashta Osborne

Veda Bailey

Way Art There

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