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County Ca$h

Buy County Cash

County Ca$h is not just a gift certificate program; it's a catalyst for local prosperity. At its core, County Ca$h is a vibrant community initiative that's all about supporting and celebrating our local businesses. With County Ca$h, we're putting the power of choice and growth back into the hands of our residents. When you purchase a County Ca$h gift certificate, you're investing directly in your community, strengthening the fabric of our local economy, and fostering a sense of togetherness that money alone can't buy. Join us in this mission to keep it local and watch our community thrive!

How It Works

1. Buy Ca$h

We know you're busy, so we'll make this simple. To get your County Ca$h, just use the form below!

2. Get Your Ca$h

You can pick your Ca$h up in the Naturally Lewis office at 7551 S. State St. in Lowville!

3. Support Local!

Once you've gotten your Ca$h, gift it or spend it yourself! The best part about County Ca$h is the promise that it's spent supporting local.

Order County CaSh

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    Fewest Bills - No Certificate Will Be Given a Value Greater Than $20
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    If County Ca$h is not redeemed by its expiration date, funds revert back to Naturally Lewis & the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce. Naturally Lewis & the Chamber are not responsible for lost/stolen certificates. This certificate has no cash value; there will be no change given.


    Ca$h will be ready for pick-up at the Naturally Lewis Office after two business days. For questions, please contact Kaylee Tabolt at

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    I understand that Ca$h is only available for pick-up at the Naturally Lewis Office at 7551 S State St Lowville, NY.

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