Community Economic Development Program

Hosted by Lewis County Development Corporation

Community Economic Development Program

The Lewis County Development Corporation created the Community Economic Development Program in 2022 with funds made available through a Host Community Agreement between Number 3 Wind and the LCDC. 

Currently, the CEDP will provide $150,000 of grants on an annual basis beginning in 2023 to Lewis County businesses, organizations and communities.


The Lewis County Community Economic Development Program is the mechanism for investing in initiatives that build a great quality of life, sustainable employment and collaborative plans that make Lewis County a community to thrive at work and at home.  In viewing our communities as intrinsically interconnected, this county-wide fund is used to grow businesses, enhance individual communities and strengthen our local economy through thoughtful risk-taking, building community partnerships and making wise investments. The fund will leverage the knowledge and expertise of our businesses and communities to invest in projects that make Lewis County a great place to live, work, build business and play for current and future generations.

What Types of Projects Do We Want to Fund?

Small Things, Big Impacts Fund

Building Business Fund

Community Connections Fund

Community Connections Fund