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Small Things, Big Impacts Fund

About the Opportunity

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Small Things, Big Impacts is a grant opportunity through Naturally Lewis. This opportunity is open to for-profit and not-for-profit business and organizations in Lewis County, NY. The opportunity will support Lewis County businesses in enhancing their visibility through creative means in the community. 

The Small Things, Big Impacts Fund promotes small improvements that produce big results, without a huge financial investment. By supporting our businesses and non-profit organizations in making these smaller investments, the opportunity facilitates sustainable growth and long-term success; this ultimately creates a positive economic impact in Lewis County. 

Why Does Visibility Matter?

Visibility encompasses both a physical and digital presence, branding, advertising, and community involvement. By strategically focusing on enhancing visibility across these areas, businesses and organizations can increase their exposure, attract new customers, and ultimately drive growth and success in our communities, benefiting residents and visitors alike in Lewis County. 

Fast Facts

  • Communities Served: Lewis County 
  • Eligible: Businesses and Non-profit Organizations 
  • Focus areas: Enhancing their visibility through creative means in the community. 
  • Grant Awards: $500 to $1000 per grant 
  • Applications Open: January 15, 2024 
  • Quarter 1 Deadline: Thursday, March 28, 2024 (Applications accepted on a quarterly basis until funds are dispersed)

Inspiration Board

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Opportunities to Increase Visibility

On the Web

  • Logo
  • Branding Assets
  • Website

On the Shelf

  • Product Packaging
  • Product Displays
  • Shelf Placement

On the Street

  • Storefront Signage
  • Banners
  • Visibility Signage

On the Go

  • Craft Fair Booth
  • Market Stand
  • Food Truck

Eligibility & Criteria

for 2024

Eligible Projects:

  • Applicants must be a Business or 501c3 Non-profit Organization in Lewis County, NY. 
  • Applicants must demonstrate a need for improving visibility and a commitment to using the grant for that purpose. 
  • Applicant must demonstrate a creative and visually appealing approach to increasing visibility. 
  • The project should focus on enhancing the applicant’s visibility through one, or more, of the following creative means such as:
    • Street Visibility: Improving storefront signage, banners, or other forms of signage visible to pedestrians and motorists.
    • Digital Visibility: Improving your digital image in the form of a new logo, branding assets or online presence (ex. website).  
    • Shelf Visibility: Enhancing product packaging, product displays or shelf placement to attract customer attention.  
    • Mobile Visibility: Are you a business that sells things “on the go” (think farmers markets or craft fairs) and need a new, effective setup?  
  • Priority will be given to proposals that demonstrate a commitment to supporting local businesses. Applicants should indicate their intent to utilize local businesses for purchasing goods and services required for the project whenever feasible.  
  • Applicants must demonstrate a match of at least 50% of the project cost.  
  • Funding cannot be rewarded for retroactive projects or projects that have already started. 

Evaluation Criteria

The Community Economic Development Program Committee will evaluate the Small Things Big Impacts Applications based on the following criteria: 

  • Applicant must be a Lewis County Business or Non-profit Organization (501c3) 
  • Project demonstrates enhancements to visibility through one, or more of the following categories: Street Visibility, Digital Visibility, Shelf Visibility, Mobile Visibility 
  • Business or organization must demonstrate a need for improving visibility and a commitment to using the grant for that purpose. 
  • Project must demonstrate be a new, creative and visually appealing approach to increase visibility.  
  • Project must demonstrate how increased visibility will create opportunities for new or increased customer base. 
  • Project should demonstrate a commitment to supporting local businesses whenever feasible. 
  • Project should demonstrate a benefit to the community. 
  • Project must comply with all local zoning and codes ordinances, if applicable (ex. Sign permits) 
  • Project must demonstrate 50% match of funding request. 
  • Project must be completed within 6 months of receiving funding. 

Past Recipients

of funding

Funding Disclaimer

community economic development program

Small Things, Big Impacts Funds are made available through the Community Economic Development Program.