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Student Pitch Competition

About the Opportunity

supporting our future business leaders

The Naturally Lewis Student Pitch Competition is a business proposal competition for high school students in Lewis County. If you're in grades 9-12 and thinking about starting a business, this competition is for you! The Competition consists of developing a formal business plan supplemented by a 3-to-5 minute video. The winner of the Competition will receive $500 and direct support from local service providers to grow this business into a reality!

What's a Pitch Competition?

Have you ever watched 'Shark Tank'? It's essentially a business pitch, a concise presentation lasting three to five minutes aimed at convincing a panel of judges to invest in your idea. Similarly, a pitch competition involves presenting your business plan to compete against others for a prize of $500 along with valuable resources to turn your pitch into a successful venture.

How This Works

the application process

Get an Idea

The core of your application is your business idea. Get creative, think of opportunities in our community, and think big!

Develop a Business Plan

This is where you tell us what your business is in detail. Remember: your business plan must demonstrate a solution to a problem or offer a unique product or service in Lewis County, NY!

Make Your Pitch

With your business plan, you'll be submitting a three-to-five minute "elevator pitch" video. Start with what inspires you, with the why of what you do. Then, you can talk about how you do it. And finally, explain what you do. 


for the 2024 program

Applications Open

March 11

Applications Close

May 15

Winner Announced

June 2024