Community Economic Development Fund

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The Lewis County Community Economic Development Fund is the mechanism for investing in initiatives that build a great quality of life, sustainable employment and collaborative plans that make Lewis County a community to thrive at work and at home.  In viewing our communities as intrinsically interconnected, this county-wide fund is used to grow businesses, enhance individual communities and strengthen our local economy through thoughtful risk-taking, building community partnerships and making wise investments. The fund will leverage the knowledge and expertise of our businesses and communities to invest in projects that make Lewis County a great place to live, work, build business and play for current and future generations.

What is the Community Economic Development Fund?

The Lewis County Development Corporation created the Community Economic Development Fund in 2022 with funds made available through a Host Community Agreement between Number 3 Wind and the LCDC. 

Currently, the CEDF will provide $150,000 of grants on an annual basis beginning in 2023 to Lewis County businesses, organizations and communities.

What Types of Projects Do We Want to Fund?

Small Things, Big Impacts Fund

Building Business Fund

Community Connections Fund

Community Connections Fund

Community Economic Development Fund
Committee Member Application

The Lewis County Development Corporation (LCDC) Board is seeking community members to serve on the Community Economic Development Fund (CEDF) Committee. The CEDF Committee will consist of 1 LCDC Board Member and up to 6 Community Leaders.  Criteria for committee members and their commitment are the following:  

  • The role of a CEDF Committee member is to analyze and review grant applications, as presented by Naturally Lewis staff 
  • Determine grant awards based on proposals submitted and scoring criteria, to be then recommended for approval from the LCDC Board.  
  • Attend quarterly meetings to review applications, and any additional meetings on an as needed basis.  
  • Set program focuses & targets for new year of funding  
  • Set program application schedule for new year of funding 
  • The LCDC will appoint committee members. The LCDC board believes in the benefits diversity brings and it recognizes that diversity of thought makes prudent business sense.  For the purposes of committee composition, diversity includes, but is not limited to, business and industry skills and experience, gender and ethnicity.  The LCDC welcomes diversity to ensure there is inclusion of different concepts, ideas and relationships, as well as enhanced decision-making and dialogue.   
  • Each committee member will serve a three-year term, up to three terms.  
  • Committee members must help promote the program to their communities and businesses 
  • Disclaimer: Committee Members will refrain from applying for CEDF funds for any business or entity from which they profit. 

Applications deadline extended to Friday June 24, 2022

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If you feel you have the right personality to be a part of the Community Economic Development Fund Program Committee then you should apply. Fill out this form and send us your resume and letter of interest to be considered as a committee member.

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