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Starting your business in Lewis County




Scale Up

Lewis County spans from the Tug Hill Region to the western Adirondack Park Region with the Black River Valley in between. Lewis County small business scene is rich with entrepreneurs supporting our legacy industries of agriculture and tourism, while several entrepreneurs are also contributing to the main street scene and exporting their products through e-commerce channels. Lewis County Economic Development is the central office to provide economic development through small business assistance and start-up business development in Lewis County, NY.

"Start small. Have business plan and stick to it. Try to find a niche, offer a product or service that no one else is offering in the area."   - Jordan Brandt, Owner of Red Barn Meats Inc.

Tap into Lewis County Resources

Create Milestones with the Naturally Lewis Team

Develop a timeline and introduce you to programs and services that can assist you in your business venture.

Get to Work!

Naturally Lewis is here to help you along the way with connections and resources, but ultimately you have to build the fundamental blocks of your business!

DBA Lewis County Program Incentives

Naturally Lewis recognizes the hard work and dedication that goes into starting a business. As you build your business, Naturally Lewis offers incentives for entrepreneurs that complete suggested milestones throughout the process.

Creating an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Lewis County Economic Development (LCED) recognizes entrepreneurs and small business owners as the core of the economy. Rural entrepreneurs profoundly enrich the communities in which they live and launch their ideas because of their direct connection to the needs of their communities, their knowledge of regional talent and, especially, their commitment to their neighbors.

In order to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their business, our goal is to leverage and connect existing resources to provide a pathway to success. By mapping existing programming and working to fill the gaps with local experts and service providers, we have created a pilot program that welcomes entrepreneurs into Lewis County and guides them to grow efficiently. Ultimately, our communities will benefit from new businesses with all the tools to success and the means to create new jobs locally