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The Village of Lyons Falls is a historic Black River Canal community in southern Lewis County. Located at the convergence of the Moose and Black Rivers, the Village has a strong connection to the natural environment and is home to a beautiful 70-foot waterfall, which still provides power to the energy grid today.

Southern Lewis County has been historically connected to the abundance of water, wood, and dairy products in the region. The Village of Lyons Falls was once a hub for paper product manufacturing with the establishment of the Pulp and Paper Mill and the influence of the Black River. The Black River Canal allowed shipping of manufactured products within the Tug Hill Region, which progressed the settlement of the Village. However, with the closure of its major employer the Pulp and Paper Mill in 2001, the Village has since experienced a significant change in its economy.

The Pulp and Paper Mill site is now vacant, with over 20 buildings demolished, and was the catalyst for the Village and County to seek assistance through the BOA Program. What is a BOA, might you ask? The program provides municipalities and community-based organizations with assistance, up to 90 percent of the eligible project costs, to complete revitalization plans and implementation strategies for areas or communities affected by the presence of brownfield sites, and site assessments for strategic brownfield sites. Lyons Falls has been engaged in the BOA program for almost ten years and considerable progress has been made related to the mill site as well as other projects in the Village.

Pulp and Paper Mill, circa 1895

Pulp and Paper Mill, 2016

Lyons Falls is open for business! Home to businesses large and small, from family owned restaurants, to a large state of the art manufacturing facility, to a Hydroelectric facility, Lyons Falls quaint village has unwavering potential for entrepreneurs to succeed.

The Village is largely influenced by the Moose and Black Rivers, and much of the Village's history is due to the movement of goods that these waterbodies allowed. These rivers now provide popular recreational destinations within the Village, and many tourists utilize these rivers for whitewater rafting, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.

The Village is rich with parks, open space and recreational opportunities. Riverside Park lies on the eastern bank of the Black River and spans approximately 50 acres. This park is a centerpiece for the Village since it contains a variety of sporting fields, a playground, and space to host Farmer's Markets in the warmer months. This park is also home to many scenic vistas and beauty provided by the Black River and open area.

The Village is also surrounded by several State Parks and County resources that provide residents and tourists with ready access to outdoor recreation opportunities. Lyons Falls is located 3-miles west of the Adirondack State Park boundary and is about 12 miles southeast of the scenic Whetstone Gulf State Park. Lewis County features a robust network of snowmobile and horseback riding trails and a variety of hiking experiences, from the Tug Hill Plateau to the Black River Valley the Adirondack Mountains.