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Why Choose Lewis County?

It's the Natural Choice.

Lewis County was named the first Clean Energy Community in the North Country by NYSERDA, recognizing our commitment to reduce energy consumption, cut costs and drive clean energy. By implementing electric vehicle charging stations, approving an energy benchmarking policy to track energy use in municipal buildings, and completing energy code enforcement training on best practices in energy code enforcement for code compliance officers, Lewis County continues to make headway in green energy and sustainable communities.

Lewis County continues to strive to become a Climate Smart Community through the creation of a comprehensive climate action plan, decrease energy use, approach materials and land use from a “climate smart” perspective, and encouraging “green innovation” in our communities and businesses. Currently, Lewis County is home to two active wind farms and two active solar farms, and the Black River, the third most heavily developed hydroelectric watershed, powering a total of 182 MW of capacity.

With great incentives, New York State and local utility companies offer a number of cost savings and energy efficiency programs to attract business opportunities. Additionally, with ample wind, water, and land, there is opportunity here for green and sustainable businesses.


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