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Local Love: Gifting in Lewis County

February 02, 2022

By: Kaylee Tabolt, Marketing and Communications Intern

Love is in the air! Remember, love local too!

LF Arrangement VDAYFor some, Valentine's Day season is the best time of year- it's happy, warm, generous, and an excuse to eat out (AND get dessert!); but for others, it's a reminder about some not so great times. Either way, keep reading for gifting advice, and a special feature for the lonely guys and gals out there! Whether you're shopping for that special someone, your besties, or your family- Lewis County is filled with small businesses looking to make sure your gift is topping charts. From the traditional chocolate, flowers, and jewelry to the innovative and specialized local goods, our business community has us covered!

To start things off, I have one word for you- chocolate. Scratch that, let me give you three more- Croghan Candy Kitchen. That's right, our County favorite just reopened to let us know that food really is the best way to the heart! JSYK: If you're looking for chocolate covered strawberries, get those orders in ahead of time, because they are a hot commodity. 

DTEJ VDAYNext, the perfect supplement (yes, more IS better!) to that chocolate is flowers. Lewis County has two top-of-the-line flower shops that are more than ready to help you out- Lisk's Floral and Sunnycrest Flowers. Lisk's Floral is a family owned and operated shop serving our community from Glenfield. Sunnycrest Flowers is a veteran owned shop located in Lowville. Both are sure to deliver an arrangement filled with love!

Moving on to the next Valentine's staple- jewelry. Be sure to check out Down to Earth Jewelry for rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings (all of which pair greatly with a candle and other accessories at the shop!). One of the best parts about this jewelry- it's availableSVM VDAY beyond Lewis County! Even if you aren't at home, there's a chance you'll find a piece of it during your time away. 

Next, let's get into some of the specialized gifts that say, "you are so special." Maple sugar cakes and art pieces are my fun, Lewis County-esque Valentine's Day gift picks. 

For maple sugar cakes, Sterling Valley Maple is the go-to. Personally, I never considered maple sugar cakes as a gift, but they might have worked their way to the top of my list! They're sweet, Gallery812VDAYfestive, local, and lovely- just like this time of year!

Finally, art! Art is a fun gift- it has meaning, it's attractive, it can be private or public- it's multi-dimensional and conveys thought and effort. In other words, it's love as a gift! Luckily for us, Lewis County has some artists that call our community home. Check out Gallery 812 Boutique for high-quality, original paintings (and other gifts they'll pair nicely with!)! 

Now to give a festive opportunity to those who aren't feeling the love, the Lewis County Humane Society has you covered. With their special, "From Love to Litter," you can have a name written on the bottom of a litter pan (you can guess what happens...)!

No matter how you choose to love local, you can't go wrong!


Images were sourced from each business, click on them to view the original!