Sky Skarf

It was through experience, that the creation of the first ever Sky Skarf travel scarf evolved over six years ago.  The Sky Skarf is a unique and necessary travel tool that does what U-shaped pillows and other travel items cannot.  Created right here in Lewis County, the product is now on the verge of reaching millions of travelers through airport stores, website sales and local vendor events.  Read more on the Sky Skarf start up story, below!

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Pixamation, Inc.

Believe it or not, Lewis County isn't just comprised of 27,000 cows and 175 dairy farms; Lewis County is also home to a successful software development and data backup company, located in Lyons Falls, NY.  Tim & Lisa Munn, owners, knew that Lewis County was the right place to start a software venture.  Mix personal talent with a local need, enter: Pixamation, Inc.  Read more on their success story below!

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Constableville Auction Hall

Constableville Auction Hall, a long-time Lewis County business, has recently been acquired by two McDonald cousins in Southern Lewis County.  Read more on their start-up story below! 

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