Lake Effect Tech

Lowville, NY is home to the locally owned Lake Effect Tech- a business offering smartphone, tablet, and computer services. Josh Fitzgerald is Lewis County born & raised, so when it came time to open his storefront- he knew downtown Lowville was an ideal location. Read more about Lake Effect Tech below!

Name of Business: Lake Effect Tech 

Owner: Josh Fitzgerald  

Employees: 1  

Location: Lowville, NY  

Describe your start-up story:

Josh attended SUNY Canton for a short time, then changed his course and entered the workforce- working for a corporate technology business. Josh traveled the nation developing his technology expertise. After gaining experience and understanding that he wanted to improve his work-life balance, Josh opened Lake Effect Tech as a mobile business. He decided to focus on service, rather than technology sales- which uniquely positioned him in the region. Josh realized his ambitions were greater than a mobile operation would allow for, so in 2014 Josh opened his first storefront in downtown Lowville. Lake Effect Tech focuses on offering smartphone, tablet, and computer services- a niche industry in Lewis County.  

Why did you choose to do business in Lewis County, NY? IMG 0112

Josh is from Lewis County, and knew that our unique, small-town atmosphere was the ideal location to open his business. In metropolitan areas, business is transactional, but Lewis County is unique in its ability to make business interactions meaningful.  Josh realized that relationships are key to operating a successful business, and focuses on quality services for retention of customers.  

What advice would you give someone starting a business in Lewis County? 

Establish and maintain collaborative relationships with fellow small businesses and organizations. Josh worked several jobs outside of technology before starting Lake Effect Tech where he learned the intimacy, dedication, and responsibility of running a small business.

Are there any local partnerships or organizations that have helped you along in your business journey? 

Naturally Lewis, CCE, Lewis County 4H, American Legion, VFW, Youth Bureau, and a number of sole proprietor, franchise, and corporate businesses. Josh also founded Pride Academy, which is hosted at Lake Effect Tech. Pride Academy acknowledges the importance of life skills, and strives to explore them through activities meant to spark conversation between student peers and parents/guardians. 


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