Sky Skarf

It was through experience, that the creation of the first ever Sky Skarf travel scarf evolved over six years ago.  The Sky Skarf is a unique and necessary travel tool that does what U-shaped pillows and other travel items cannot.  Created right here in Lewis County, the product is now on the verge of reaching millions of travelers through airport stores, website sales and local vendor events.  Read more on the Sky Skarf start up story, below!

Business Name: Sky Skarf

Number of Years in Business: 5 skyskarf4Merlot packaged

Number of Employees: 2

Location of Business: Glenfield, NY

Describe your start-up story.  It was a snowy day in March, six years ago when the company’s founder and inventor, Heather Hurd was caught in an undesirable travel situation, grounded on a plane attempting to return home from a business trip to Nuremburg, Germany.  As her short delay turned into eight long hours stuck on the tarmac, she began to observe her surroundings.   The lady two seats over was adjusting her U-shaped pillow every 15 minutes. The young man two rows up kept picking up the little white complimentary pillow each time it slipped loose and fell into the aisle, and the older gentleman to her left was dozing off and suffering from that dreaded neck bob we all know too well. Emerged in her own discomfort, she began imagining how to create a better solution.  

It took a total of 37 hours for Heather to get home from that trip, and with each passing hour, the concept of a versatile and stylish travel comfort solution was created.  Fast forward a year and with the help of her grandmother’s sewing machine and a couple of friends, the Sky Skarf travel scarf was born.

Today, Sky Skarf is a team of two friends, Heather Hurd and Amber Stevens.  As a company, our mission is to change the way you travel. The Sky Skarf padded travel scarves available today are a beautiful blend of suggestions and feedback from customers around the world.  Our products are primarily sold through and at local vendor events, but will be found in various airport stores in the near future as we continue to grow and collaborate with the distribution channel we are now aligned with.  Our vision is clear: to offer convenient products that inspire travel and create opportunity for adventure.  

skyskarf1The past five years have been an adventure to say the least.  We have cried joyful tears when unexpected blessings propel us forward, and on the flip side, we have dealt with frustration, fear and failure. With lessons learned from all of it, of course.  The future is bright for the business and the brand and we are excited for what’s to come.  

Why did you choose to do business in Lewis County, NY?   We’re close to our roots here.  Lewis County is our home, where we are raising our children and where we have always dreamt of doing something big enough to create opportunity for others.  There’s so much beauty and untapped potential here.  The possibilities are endless.

"We are thankful for the encouragement and valuable feedback we receive wherever we go.  It’s like everyone is in it together here."

What are the advantages and/or opportunities of doing business here?  Doing business in Lewis County has been great for us.  The small-town support we've received from the local media outlets has been instrumental to our business.  The professional support network in Lewis County is continuing to grow and becoming more effective and we’ve been able to showcase our products to thousands of people at the Cream Cheese Festival for the past 4 years.  Also, since Sky Skarf is a skyskarf3textile base product, being located in the North Country with many expert quilters and sewers, it helped us early on with product development and with setting up the network of cottage industry sewers we have utilized to boost production of the scarves. 

We are thankful for the encouragement and valuable feedback we receive wherever we go.  It’s like everyone is in it together here.  Everyone wants to see us achieve our goals because not only are they kind, they understand what it means for the community as a whole. 

What advice would you give to someone starting a business in Lewis County?  Take advantage of the network of resources that are available to you and get involved.  Attend the networking events they work so hard to plan and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  There are so many obstacles to overcome when starting a business but don’t give up.

How has the Lewis County Economic Development/IDA office helped or made an impact on your business?  Eric and Brittany at Lewis County Economic Development have been great to work with.  They have helped us with our brand awareness, provided us with financing options and networking opportunities to help us make connections to other entrepreneurs in the area.  They clearly laid out the resources that are available to us and have provided encouragement whenever needed. 

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