Resource Rich

Natural Advantages

Lewis County offers vast natural resources that allow for the ideal balance of people, prosperity and the planet. With an abundance of water, timber and land, Lewis County is the perfect location for your business and employees to thrive and grow. The County has a proven track record of support for green energy and energy resources, and is well-positioned for transportation of raw and finished products to national and international destinations.

Lewis County Offers:

  • Abundance of natural water resources, including multiple lakes, rivers and streams.
  • 600,000 acres of forest land
  • Ready access to raw materials, including water, timber, and milk
  • Rich soil conditions conducive to high-quality agriculture

Lewis County Soils

The total land area in Lewis County is 832,000 acres. Almost all of the land that is suited for agricultural production is utilized for agriculture (20% of Lewis County Land). Much of the remaining land area is forested land associated with the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains or the Tug Hill Plateau.

The Black River Valley separates the types of soils in Lewis County. West of the Black River is the most intensively farmed land in Lewis County and include soils productive for corn, alfalfa and oats. East of the Black River points towards the Adirondack Mountains, which contains sandy soils, mainly used for pasture or wooded areas.

Lewis County Soils


54.7% of Lewis County land is wild or forested. With more than 125 logging operations originating in Lewis County, including bowling pins, fencing, canoes, siding, furniture, cord wood for heating, biomass plants, and the use of major saw mills, the forestry industry is thriving.

Agriculture & Dairy

Lewis County is ranked #6 in New York State milk production with over 27,000 cows (more than our population) and approximately 190 dairy farms. With access to raw materials, agriculture and dairy have been a thriving industry, one that is the backbone to Lewis County.
Agriculture & Dairy


Lewis County ranks #3 in New York State for Maple Syrup and maple production. With 108 maple producers, 229,876 taps, an average of 27,000 gallons of syrup are produced each year. It has been estimated that New York State has to most tappable trees of any state, but currently utilizes less than 1% for syrup production, indicating significant room for growth.

Renewable Energy

In 2017, Lewis County was the first community in the North Country Region designated a Clean Energy Community, recognizing its leadership in reducing energy use, cutting costs and driving clean energy adoption in its communities. From wind farms, to biomass facilities, to hydro-electric plants, Lewis County is home to many renewable energy resources. Its strategic location to wind on the Tug Hill, high-powered rivers of the Black, Moose and Beaver, and ample forestry resources allows Lewis County to be a leader in Clean Energy.
Renewable Energy

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