Lewis County, NY Supports Our Local Dairy Industry.



Lewis County, NY is centered around a thriving dairy industry. With approximately 200 family-owned dairy farms, our economy revolves around the success of our farms.

The Naturally Dairy campaign originated in Lewis County, NY to show the North Country's strengths in agriculture, highlight our hard working farms, remind consumers of the benefits of dairy in a well balanced diet and educate the community on the impact of dairy to our overall economy.

How can you get involved to support our local agriculture industry? Think local. Shop local. Buy local!

The following dairy plants/stores utilize Northern NY milk. Remember to "think local" during your next shopping trip!

Bechaz Riverdale Cheese
Byrne Dairy
Chobani Yougurt
Waldroff’s Cheese Curd
Fage Yogurt
Grassy Cow Cheese
Great Lakes Cheese
Homestead Heritage Cheese
Kraft Heinz
Lowville Cheese Store
Mccadam Cheese Co./Cabot
Meier’s Artisan Cheese
North Country Creamery
Prosper Farmstead Creamery
River Rat Cheese
Shultz’s Family Cheese
Stoltzfus Family Dairy
Sugar House Creamery
Upstate Farms

Don't forget your local grocery store chain!

Price Chopper
Stewart’s Shops
Top’s Market

Plant Code 36

Purchase milk with the number 36!

If you are unsure where your milk is coming from, look for the plant code. Milk with the plant code beginning with “36” means that the milk is processed in New York and sourced from New York farms. You can find the plant code near the top of the container, on the lid, or on the label. Purchase milk with the number 36!

New York State Grown & Certified

Be sure to look for dairy products with the New York State Grown & Certified label to be sure you are purchasing a New York made product!

New York State Grown & Certified is the first statewide, multi-faceted food certification program designed to strengthen consumer confidence in New York products, address food product labeling, and assist New York farmers so they can take advantage of the growing market demand for foods locally grown and produced to a higher standard.

Pictured in photo: Greg Millick, Golfcrest Dairy, Denmark NY

Did you know?

Lewis County has more cows than people! Our farmers care deeply about the health and wellness of their herd, how they care for the land, and the many sustainable practices to protect the Lewis County dairy industry. Without our dairy economy – Lewis County would have no economy at all.

Pictured in photo: Greg Millick, Golfcrest Dairy, Denmark NY

Photo Credit: Eric Adsit & LCED

June is Dairy Month!

Theme: Buy More Dairy! Health Benefits of Dairy & General Lewis County Dairy Information

Naturally Dairy Campaign Launch - Board of Legislators Meeting - Lewis COunty Court House, 2nd floor - June 5 - 5pm

Join us in kicking off the Naturally Dairy Campaign at the Lewis County Board of Legislators Meeting! 

Food Truck Fridays - June 29 - Lewis County Fairgrounds, 6-9pm

Find the Lewis County Dairy Princess promoting dairy products at our Naturally Dairy table! 

Hoove it or Move it 5k milk run - June 30 - Lewis County Fairgrounds



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Submit your photos, stories & events to: naturallydairy@gmail.com

Submit your photos, stories & events to: naturallydairy@gmail.com

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