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LCDC implements Winter Design Challenge Grant Program to assist Lewis County Businesses this Winter Season

November 03, 2020

stimulating & encouraging safe outdoor winter experiences in Lewis County, NY



The COVID-19 pandemic has caused hardship to our tourism, entertainment and hospitality businesses across Lewis County. Businesses who rely on social atmospheres have changed their entire business models to accommodate social distancing, proper ventilation and more. Solutions were quickly implemented as the warmer weather approached in Lewis County and more outdoor dining opportunities were created to accommodate more customers, and to ensure the safety of customers and staff.

At a recent Winter Tourism roundtable and brainstorming event, hosted by Lewis County IDA and the Chamber of Commerce, the idea of outdoor seating during the winter months, and the lack thereof, emerged. As we know, Lewis County businesses are reliant on local, and tourist, patrons throughout the winter. In order to ensure that these local businesses survive the long, cold and snowy winter, we are asking the business community to continue to think creatively on how to implement the extension of safe outdoor experiences during winter months in Lewis County. To stimulate and encourage this creative thinking, the Lewis County Development Corporation (LCDC) has created theWinter Design Challenge Grant Program.

What we're looking for 

  • The LCDC is seeking solutions to stimulate and encourage safe outdoor experiences, for both customers and tourism, entertainment and hospitality businesses, during the cold weather months in Lewis County 
  • Solutions may be centered aroundfacilitating safe in-person outdoor experiences. Unique indoor solutions will be considered as long as it takes into consideration the health and safety of staff and customers. 
  • Solutions may relate to physical space as well as operations/service (i.e. creation of outdoor eating spaces with heaters, or creative service solutions) 

The opportunity 

  • Businesses who are looking to create outdoor spaces, such as adding firepits, igloos, outdoor heaters and tents, constructing creative spaces, etc. and any other creative service or operational solutions, pleasecomplete the online application by November 20, 2020 
  • Businesses with creative proposals will receive a one-time grant, funding 50%, up to $1,000, of selected project costs 

$20,000 in LCDC grant funds has been made available via contract with Lewis County for economic devleopment services and through the Pratt Northam COVID-19 Community Impact Fund.Businesses should submit Winter Design Challenge proposals online at www.naturallylewis.com/business-support/winter-design-challenge by November 20, 2020. Applications should include a project plan, health and safety considerations, and a project budget.Selected proposals will be awarded on December 1, 2020. 

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 About the Lewis County Development Corporation

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