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Why Work in Lewis County?

Opportunity is in Lewis County

Lewis County, nestled in the Black River Valley, with the Adirondack Mountains to the east, and the Tug Hill Plateau to the West, provides a beautiful backdrop to raise your family and grow your career.  Some of our most well-known companies, such as Kraft-Heinz, home of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and OTIS Technologies, creator of gun-cleaning kits, provide niche career opportunities in an area where recreational and community opportunities are endless.  

Lewis County is home to a growing entrepreneurial scene, with the growth of local foods, artisans, creative makers, and other small businesses.  Additionally, Lewis County provides ample opportunities in health care, human services, education, and government positions.  

Make an impact while working in a small town.  Opportunity is in Lewis County, NY. 

Succeed in Lewis County

“While I pursued my undergraduate and graduate degrees, I had the opportunity to participate in relevant, resume-boosting internships, while living at home. These experiences allowed me to save and make money (two of a college student's favorite things), but more importantly, exposed me to local employment opportunities that I didn't know existed."

Anna Platz, Deputy Public Health Director, Lewis County Public Health

Working Remotely in Lewis County

“I originally moved to Lowville because this is where my husband grew up. I was planning to find a job here, but ended up getting a job working remotely for the same company I worked for in Rhode Island. We love the community and there are endless opportunities for adventure. Snowshoeing, hiking, hunting, and walking our two dogs are all things we like to do together to spend quality time, and Lewis County is the perfect place to enjoy them!"

Elora Clemens, Retail Account Manager, Schneider Electric (Rhode Island)