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Lewis County Development Corporation

Lewis County Development Corporation

Mission Statement

The Lewis County Development Corporation, a Local Development Corporation, is a not-for-profit countywide organization dedicated to utilizing and creating assets for economic and community development. This community-based organization is intended to be proactive, flexible, and able to act decisively and quickly. We will identify research, fund, develop, and manage projects, programs, and businesses that increase economic opportunities for Lewis County and its residents. We recognize the critical need to work together with all agencies and organizations involved in economic development in order to achieve a common goal of increasing the quality of life for all people in Lewis County. We also know that we can be a critical component for success in the revitalization, economic stabilization, and future expansion efforts, recognizing the following areas as points of focus for success in fulfilling our mission:
  • The full utilization of the unique powers of a Local Development Corporation.
  • The stabilization and enhancement of infrastructure including new technologies.
  • The recruitment of enterprises and businesses desired by the community.
  • The revitalization and enhancement of business areas, including village down-towns.
  • Education and research on best practices for community economic development.
  • Preservation of cultural, historic, and natural resources.
  • Resource conservation and sustainability of use.
  • Recognition of agriculture as a traditional and viable basis of our economy.

Board Members

& Committees

Tim Petersen

Retired, Lockheed Martin

Tyler McDonald

Vice President
Owner, Adirondack Assets

Mick Lehman

Partner, Grand Slam Safety, LLC

Christie Andrus Nakano

Board Member
Owner, Human Factor Leadership

Jessica Clemons

Board Member

Account Executive, Ex Libris

Larry Dolhof

Board Member
Owner, Dolhof Hardware

Shellie Marks

Board Member

Human Resources, QubicaAMF

Terry Thisse

Board Member
Owner, Lowville Sport & Farm

Eric Virkler

Lewis County Treasurer
Executive & Governance Committee

Tim Petersen, President

Tyler McDonald, Vice President

Eric Virkler, Secretary

Mick Lehman, Treasurer

Finance & Audit Committee

Mick Lehman, Treasurer

Tim Petersen

Board Meetings

Held Bi-Monthly

Lewis County Development Corporation Board Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 10:00AM at the Lewis County JCC Education Center (7395 East Road, Lowville, NY).

2024 Meeting Dates

January 4 | March 7 | May 2 | July 4 | September 5 | November 7

Public Documents

of the Lewis County Development Corporation