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Our Work

Our Mission

what we intend to do

Lewis County Economic Development, through its board, the IDA and its brand, Naturally Lewis, are championing the growth of a community where people want to live, work, build business and play. We foster forward thinking and relationship building, connecting people, businesses, partnerships and resources to effectively and efficiently grow our county.

We focus on creating a solid and sustainable economic base by supporting practical, realistic programs and policies that advance businesses through diversification and by expanding markets locally, nationally and internationally. We are the bridge builders, proactively seeking and leading development for new and existing businesses, while leveraging our natural resources.

We believe growth comes from thoughtful risk taking, building community partnerships and making wise investments. Naturally Lewis is our mechanism for advocating and advising on investments and education that build a great quality of life, sustainable employment and collaborative plans that make Lewis County a community to thrive at work and at home.

Our Tools

your resources

Lewis County Chamber of Commerce

The Lewis County Chamber of Commerce was organized in 1945 to promote business and economic activity in Lewis County through the efforts of its membership and staff.

Lewis County Development Corporation

The LCDC, a Local Development Corporation, is a not-for-profit countywide organization dedicated to utilizing and creating assets for economic and community development.

Lewis County Industrial Development Agency

The LCIDA has been in operation since 1973. It is a state authorized public benefit corporation that has the ability to provide certain New York State sanctioned tax benefit programs.

Our Strategy

How We're Doing It

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Our Results

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Key Work of Naturally Lewis

Tourism Development & Promotion

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Key Work of Naturally Lewis

Events & Collaboration with Communities

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Membership Services

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Marketing & Promotion of Lewis County

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