Sterling Roots is a family owned and operated business bringing one of a kind wearable art to our community and beyond! Read more on how Emily and Shane Dicob and continuing their family tradition below!

Owners: Emily and Shane Dicob

Company Name: Sterling Roots

Year Established: 2008

Number of Employees: Family owned and operated!

About the Owners: 

Emily is a Belfort native, graduated high school from Carthage Central, and went on to Rutgers University on a full athletic scholarship for lacrosse and holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and sociology. She went where the wind took her after college, including back home and away a few times; always silversmithing. Emily opened her business in 2008 and it has been growing ever since.

Shane was born and raised in Croghan and is an avid brook trout fisherman. He graduted from Beaver Falls, and stayed close to family and loved ones. After dabbling in metalsmithing for a few years, he officially joined Sterling Roots as a silversmith in 2020.

Following the footsteps of Emily's grandparents, she, Shane and their daughter have traveled all over the country picking up inspiration from all corners of the US and leaving their metal works of art in shops across the United States. Their home is in Castorland and on the road.

Describe your start-up story:

After graduating from Rutgers University, Emily put her degree to work until the desire for the freedom of travel took over. In 2008, Sterling Roots was formed.

Why did you choose to do business in Lewis County?

Emily is a 3rd generation silversmith, her grandparents Pat and Butch Bramhall, and her Aunt Lisa Nortz own(ed) businesses in Lewis Country and their model of business fit Emily's dream life. Silversmithing in her own shop, back in the woods, creating wearable art, and sharing her love and passion for designing precious metal jewelry. Lewis County offers a sense of community, security and support that big cities lack.

What advice would you give to someone starting a business in Lewis County?

Opportunities are absolutely all around us! Do what you do from a place of love, kindness and respect - let it shine!  Your neighbors will see it and do everything in their power to help support you as you support them. Our community is like the "lap sit circle-" we all rely on each other.

What are some of your current projects? What are you looking forward to in 2022? 

Currently on our bench, we have spring time flowers, colors, and free flowing lines along with orders that are getting ready to be shipped out to stores in Colorado. We are really looking forward to continuing our expansion in 2022, offering the same high-quality service to our local customers and giving back to our most wonderful community.

Are there any local partnerships or organizations that have helped you along in your busienss journey? 

Last year, we had reached out to Jenna and Brittany at Naturally Lewis about steps to continue growing our business. Those two and their team provided very useful guidance and were adaptive to the unique needs of our business. We are looking forward to an ever growing relationship with Naturally Lewis.