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Lewis County Chamber of Commerce Partners with Naturally Lewis to Launch Member Investor Network

January 09, 2023

LEWIS COUNTY, NY – The Lewis County Chamber of Commerce and Naturally Lewis, the economic development agency for Lewis County, are partnering to launch a restructured, improved membership program- the Member Investor Network. Hearing the needs of the business community, this partnership is the direct effort to consolidate business services and resources for the benefit of Chamber members. 

The Member Investor Network is as easy as picking a membership plan, getting approved, and enjoying the benefits. There are three membership plans available to businesses and organizations, in Lewis County and beyond: Engage, Evolve, and Impact. In addition to these, community members have the option to be involved through the Belong contribution. 

The Lewis County Chamber of Commerce was established in 1945 recognizing the needs of its businesses and community. The Chamber of Commerce has always been a tool for communication and collaboration - a mechanism for cooperative success. In a changing world, it's understood that this tool must evolve to continue satisfying the needs of our businesses.  

“The Chamber is intended to serve its members in the most beneficial way possible. We know that there is room for improvement and our community deserves an organization that is willing to innovate and to try new things in the name of a healthier business economy” says Nick Mir, Chairman of the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce. 

In the coming year, the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce will begin working towards a formal partnership with Naturally Lewis. Through prior collaborations and member feedback, the Chamber of Commerce understands that a partnership with Naturally Lewis is an opportunity to continue and further its impact on the community and provide new opportunities and benefits for its valued member businesses.   

“We’ve been talking to the community and there is such a need for a collaborative effort to provide for the growing business scene in Lewis County” says Kristen Aucter, Executive Director of the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce. “This partnership through the Member Investor Network is the first step of a really incredible shift to streamline efforts and provide more support to businesses in Lewis County.” 

“As part of our future partnership, the new Member Investor Network is not just about businesses getting perks for being members, it's about developing businesses and, in turn, investing in economic and community development for the future of Lewis County” says Brittany Davis, Executive Director of Naturally Lewis. 

Member applications are now open at https://naturallylewis.com/member-investor-network. Naturally Lewis and the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce will be holding informational networking sessions to discuss the Member Investor Network and future organizational partnership. Visit the Naturally Lewis webpage for more information on these sessions.  

For more information on the Member Investor Network please contact (315) 376-2213 or email kaylee@naturallylewis.com.