The work of Nicholas Roes Studio, LLC is defined as contemporary interpretations of familiar scenes. Combining fine arts with his marketing and graphic design services, Nicholas Roes is offering creativity in many forms to our community. Read more below!

Owner: Nicholas Roes

Company Name: Nicholas Roes Studio, LLC

Year Established: 2022

Number of Employees: 1

About the Owner:

Nicholas Roes was born and raised in Lowville, NY, graduating from Lowville Academy in 2011. He attended Gordon College in Wenham, MA and worked in various school settings as an educator before transitioning into his current role as a freelance artist and digitall marketer. 

Start-Up Story:

A love of a locally winery and the comfortable setting of his family farm brought Nicholas back to Lewis County during summers throughout college, and later when he was working as an educator. Mike and Sue Maring entrusted Nicholas to help out with the digital marketing efforts of their company, Tug Hill Vineyards, where he worked throughout school. Nicholas enjoyed the opportunity to build up the company online through visual storytelling and sharing locally produced products with a greater audience. Promoting the work of hardworking Lewis County residents, like the Marings, was rewarding, even when Nicholas was working remotely. Continuously inspired by the agricultural fabric of the region, Nicholas started his own freelance studio in order to work in a project-based environment; he enjoys collaborative problem solving and pursuing his own artistic endeavors. 

What are you looking forward to in 2022?

"Through 2022 I'm excited to continue producing landscape paintings of the area, with plans to enter several Lowville farmland scenes in regional competitions. Within the digital marketing portion of my work I’m fortunate to have a handful of clients who are dedicated to community efforts, supporting their endeavors by offering specialized services."

Are there any partnerships/organizations that have help you on your business journey?

As a client of DBA Lewis County, Naturally Lewis has provided support as I worked through setting up my business. 

Why did you choose to do business in Lewis County? 

"Early digital marketing clients like Tug Hill Artisan Roasters and Homes Realty helped me to quickly remember the passion for community local business leaders can have. On the art side, Cafe Z in Lowville happily put a series of paintings on display in their store front. The support of local business development agency, Naturally Lewis provided encouragement and support early on as I worked through setting up my business. Small towns offer a network of support that is hard to find in a big city.