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Lewis County Launches Round Two of Façade Program

September 06, 2022

 Lewis County Launches Façade Program


LEWIS COUNTY, NY – Lewis County is excited to launch Round 2 of the Façade and Streetscape Improvement Program, an initiative that incentivizes property owners, business owners and municipalities to perform façade improvements and streetscape projects in downtown areas across Lewis County. The Façade & Streetscape Improvement Program is funded with $450,000 of Lewis County’s American Rescue Plan Act funds over a two-year period.

ChucksMarket AfterLewis County’s downtown districts and public spaces hold central importance for community gatherings, special events, and the success of small businesses. The Façade & Streetscape Improvement Program aims to revitalize the historic character and attractiveness of villages and hamlets in Lewis County through public and private investment. To encourage and advance revitalization efforts, this program will provide up to 75/25 matching funds for eligible improvements to mixed-use and commercial buildings and streetscape enhancements in Lewis County’s villages and hamlets. Together, these improvements will help business growth and retention, enhance tourism, increase spending in the local economy, and reduce the number of blighted and vacant properties.

“The success and transformative impact of Round 1 Façade and Streetscapes Improvement Program projects reinforces our decision to reinvest in our downtown districts. These funds have given our charming communities value that will be relished for decades.” said Lewis County Manager, Ryan Piche.BonapartePharma After

Façade improvement funds are available to property owners and businesses with mixed-use and commercial buildings located in a downtown area of a hamlet or village. Projects must align with local zoning regulations and design standards. Façade improvements can include, but are not limited to, upgrades to entryways, signage, windows, doors, paint, and exterior lighting.

Municipalities can apply for streetscape improvement funds for projects that improve the walkability and community aesthetics in their village or hamlet. Streetscape improvements can include gateway and wayfinding signage, street furniture, landscaping, and public art.

The Façade & Streetscape Program is a competitive funding application. Applications for Round Two of funding for the Program will open on September 2, 2022 and are due on November 4, 2022; respectively. Applications will be reviewed by a committee of representatives from the Department of Planning & Community Development, Naturally Lewis, County Manager, and the Lewis County Historical Society. Award notifications will be made on December 2, 2022.

To learn more about the Lewis County Façade & Streetscape Improvement Program or to apply, visit the Naturally Lewis website: https://naturallylewis.com/growing- oppurtunities/facade-streetscape-improvement-program.

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