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In Loving Memory: Roscoe "Rocky" Fawcett

January 04, 2018

In Loving Memory: Roscoe "Rocky" Fawcett, Lewis County Industrial Development Agency Chairman of the Board

Roscoe “Rocky” Fawcett left this earth on January 1, 2018 at 81 years of age.  Having spent many years serving the residents and communities of Lewis County, we not only realize there will always be a piece missing from Lewis County, but we will also move forward more inspired, confident and motivated to continue the work that Rocky spent years devoting his life towards.

Rocky Fawcett served on the Lewis County Industrial Development Agency board since 2011, and became the board chairman in 2014 – this was one of the many roles he played in Lewis County. RockyFawcett  Along with this position, he served as a Lewis County Legislator, organizer and active participant in the Lyons Falls ALIVE community organization, and spent many hours working with organizations such as the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce, Snowbelt Housing, the Lewis County General Hospital, and so much more.  Not only was he an active public servant of our community, he was a face and a name that everyone knew and loved.  His wit, charm, storytelling, encouragement, motivation, and drive was noticed and appreciated by so many.  He and his wife, Mary, dedicated their lives to the betterment of our communities.  He was a helping hand when you needed it, a driver of change for the better, and a dedicated citizen who strived to improve the quality of life for Lewis County residents. 

He strived to improve our quality of life.

Being a public servant was who he was.  When it was time for re-election for his Legislative seat in 2017, he considered stepping down.  Rocky stated that both of his sons, on separate occasions, told him that staying involved and active was the best thing he could do.   

Although Rocky’s life ended just a few short months after the re-election, he left this community doing what he knew best: serving the people. 

Rocky’s life was a great one; we could tell by the many stories told of his family and life-long career in publishing and advertising.  During the years that he served the IDA board, many accomplishments, milestones and memorable actions have been made.  He helped to bring Lewis County forward, and helped to reinvent who we are as a small, rural community in Northern New York. 

The IDA board and staff members will continue to serve the people, in Rocky’s honor, just as he would want us to do.  We will continue to build on the foundations that have gotten us to where we are today, and, one day, we will look back at all we’ve accomplished, and we will think back to our fearless and courageous leader who taught us to “never give up.” 

We will think of you, Rocky.  

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