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LC Economic Development Hires Part-Time Intern

July 18, 2018

The Lewis County Economic Development office has hired a part-time summer intern, Caden Laribee!  We are excited and pleased to have Caden working with us this summer - read more on his profile below! 



Caden Laribee



Current University

Princeton University in New Jersey 

Current Major

In Spring of 2019, I will officially declare a major. This fall I am taking courses primarily related to economics and politics and am leaning toward declaring Politics as a major.


I have spent all of my life being raised and working on my family dairy farm in Denmark, NY, and I am currently a rising sophomore at Princeton University. 

What do you hope to accomplish while interning at Lewis County Economic Development? 

During this internship, I hope to learn about various aspects of the business workings and culture of Lewis County while also gaining exposure to the services and processes provided by the economic development office. My first goal in this position is to be helpful to this office and be a positive and contributing member of the agency. I hope to help current projects along in whatever capacity that I can, while also working on ideas for and helping to bolster current and upcoming campaigns, all while developing and tailoring new and old skills to this type of work. 

How will this internship help you in your future endeavors? 

I believe that this internship will be beneficial just in terms of exposure, especially to all of the behind the scenes work in what it takes to actually promote, bring about and deliver change in individual businesses and in the community. What I will gain most, certainly, will be insight, perspective and experience. Each of these things will very much be relevant to decisions I am making in the near future, like declaring a major, and in other important decisions like choosing a career path. I hope that I can use this internship to help guide my studies and to spark and direct new interests. The Economic Development office is associated with and has its hand in so many different things.  I know that, although maybe more subtle than the big questions mentioned above, this job will help me to be a more conscious and informed person and to appreciate and support local businesses and industries especially in the county that I call home.

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