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Lewis County Small Business Incubator

April 13, 2016

Lewis County Economic Development has been studying the concept of a small business incubator building. A facility of this type is intended to provide space to a growing business, or a brand new start up business. A low rental cost, access to basic services such as telephone, internet, office equipment, as well as support of other tenants, are all advantages that a business might achieve by locating in an incubator.

As the incubator concept develops, we will be working on the potential to serve food processing related businesses. A kitchen, refrigerated storage and potentially dairy processing equipment, could be located in the incubator building. Even with this focus, we will welcome any potential business. Currently, different locations are under consideration. Lewis County Economic Development will evaluate the reuse of existing buildings versus building a new structure.

It is important to seek interested occupants for the new Incubator. We would be very excited to discuss this opportunity with you.

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